COLLINSVILLE, Ill. - It's not just the cold temperatures slowing everyone down. It's the amount of snow we still have on the ground and on streets.

But crews are doing everything they can to help clear it out and get back to business as usual. In Collinsville, city crews will work to plow away large snow piles and drifts sitting curbside and on the sidewalks on Main Street.

The last couple of days have been really bad for business with the storm and with the remaining snow continuing to slow things down.

So starting early Wednesday morning, the City of Collinsville is going to start hauling off all those snow piles.

That means lanes and parking along Main Street will be restricted. Vehicles on Main have to be gone before seven in the morning so the plows can get through. The city expects it will take two hours per block.

Dean's owner knows it's necessary, but isn't looking forward to it.

"In the long run, I think it will be beneficial, but yeah, I think it will probably hurt for the time that it's closed for sure," said Ryan Dallape.

The process will take all of Wednesday for sure, and may spill out into Thursday depending on the cooperation with the no parking.
Meanwhile, customers can park on side streets and on the blocks that aren't being worked on.

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