Mysterious tree clearing angers Brentwood residents


Brentwood, MO (KSDK) - People in one Brentwood community say they are in shock after someone cut down several neighborhood trees – wiping out an area they assumed would always be wooded.

At the corner of Middlesex and York Drives in Brentwood, a property owner cut down close to a dozen trees.

The owner does not live in the subdivision known as York Village. Residents say association rules prohibit anyone from building more homes. They are worried about the look of the neighborhood, value of their property and possible flooding and erosion.

"It's really amazing to see this kind of carnage over a twenty four hour period essentially," says Paul Rohde who lives nearby. "We're still trying to make sense of it. I don't know what I want to see happen except I want the trees back."

Reached by phone the property owner declined to comment on what plans he may have for his lot which is nearly bisected by what neighbors describe as a drainage creek.

The city of Brentwood has offered to act as a kind of go-between in the situation.

Some in the neighborhood worry this won't be resolved without going to court.

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