Veterans have new ammunition to report for-profit colleges that mislead them. Ill. Sen. Dick Durbin pushed for the new online complaint system.

In a statement to 5 on Your Side, Durbin said, "For years, for-profit colleges have been aggressively recruiting veterans, service members and their families in order to access millions in virtually unregulated taxpayer funding. Instead of leaving with a quality education, all too often for-profit colleges leave students with worthless degrees and a mountain of debt."

LINK: VA GI Bill feedback system

5 on Your Side investigated for-profit colleges in May 2013. We heard from hundreds of people who told us they paid thousands of dollars for diplomas and degrees that didn't' transfer to public colleges.

Army veteran Mike Evans told us veterans are easy targets because "they're guaranteed benefits. That's one of the benefits you have when you serve your country is getting the opportunity to go to school and it's disheartening to see these for-profits targeting folks they know will have these benefits."

LINK: Post-secondary education complaint system

For-profit colleges get more than 90 percent of their operating expenses from the federal government.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has also launched an online GI Bill Comparison Tool, which allows them to calculate their GI Bill benefits and learn more about the VA's approved colleges.

If you post a complaint to the new online complaint site, send 5 on Your Side Investigator Farrah Fazal an email at

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