ST. LOUIS – On Thursday, America's Agricultural Secretary talked about GMOs, during a stop in the St. Louis area.

Just this week, several people were arrested, while protesting GMOs at Monsanto's headquarters in Creve Coeur.

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, have been called dangerous by some people, while others say they're a way to help stretch the world's food supply. Protestors at this event said all GMO products should carry clear labels.

AG Secretary Tom Vilsack does not agree.

"The problem is, you shouldn't label them and depending on the size of the product you may have no space to label them. So eventually the label's going to be meaningless," he said.

Vilsack says he would rather use technology, like a barcode or other identifying marker that people could scan, to tell them they're buying a product grown using GMOs.

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