ST. LOUIS – MERS Goodwill says they are behind on donations in the New Year, so they have set a new goal.

Each year the organization serves 60,000 people. This year's goal is to collect 1.3 million donations to help make a difference in improving the lives of people in need.

To encourage donations, Goodwill has a few tips to help you make the decision to donate:

- If an item is sentimental, take a photo to remember it and donate the item
- If you haven't worn a clothing item within the last 12 months, you probably won't wear it again, making it the perfect item to donate
- Host a pre-spring cleaning party. Invite friends over to swap unwanted items and donate the extras to Goodwill
- Computers, cell phones, books, and housewares, are all accepted by Goodwill donation centers

For a list of items Goodwill will not accept, visit their website. Click here to find the donation center closest to you.

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