ST. LOUIS COUNTY - It's the word no one wants to see while waiting at the airport: CANCELLED. For Barry Koletsky, it's a word that means he won't be heading home to Florida as early as he'd hoped.

"The funny thing is when I left home I was like, 'Yeah there may be a storm coming through but I'm sure I'll get home with no problem.' So, here I am," said Barry as he waited in Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Barry's been in town for business, and he's been busy.

"I really haven't had a chance to think much about the weather. And so I knew something was coming but I really was thinking to myself, it's not going to affect me," said Barry.

But he found out the hard way that a massive winter storm is effecting air travel across the country. He's one of hundreds of people flying out of St. Louis, who will be stuck for at least 24 hours after his flight was supposed to leave. Thursday, nearly every major airline had delayed or cancelled flights in and out of the northeast.

"The only guys getting through were the guys that were going to Phoenix. They were getting through no problem," said Barry.

Unfortunately for him though, he'll not only be missing Valentine's Day, but likely big plans with his family this weekend. But, he says, it's not the first time his flight's been cancelled, and it won't be the last.

"We can all get ugly about it or we can just what we gotta do," said Barry.

The storm has created a major backlog in flights, which is part of the reason travelers like Barry are being told they wouldn't be able to get out until Saturday night.

To check the status of a flight before heading to the airport, visit Lambert's website.

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