Give a little kid a full glass of grape juice, and you'll be wiping up one heck of a spill. But there's a cup that claims it will keep that from happening. We put the Wow Cup to the test on Does It Work Wednesday.

It claims the secret is auto-sealing technology that allows liquid to flow only when you drink. Once you stop it forms a watertight seal. It's recommended for ages 12 months and up.

Jacob enjoys drinking from regular cups. His mom, Stacy, tries to get him to drink from the Wow Cup. He doesn't understand the concept. He thinks it's more fun to throw on the floor. Even with the impact, it doesn't spill.

Next, 2-year-old Ellie and her mom, Amanda, give the Wow Cup a try.

It takes some prodding, but soon Ellie is enjoying the cup and rolling it around on the floor. Again, no spills.

While it does keep kids from making a mess, both families give the Wow Cup a thumb in the middle, saying you have to suck hard to get any liquid out of the cup at all.

If you want to purchase the Wow Cup, you can find it online. It costs about $10.

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