ST. LOUIS - A never ending slew of scars are the markers of Christine McDonald's story. She's a former prostitute and sex trafficking victim.

She's the daughter of a mother who abused her. She ran away from her and into the arms of the monsters of the street.

"I was cold, scared, hungry. I was 15," she said.

She met a man who was nice to her. It was an act. He sold her for $2,500. She would never be worth anymore in her 17 years on the streets. She endured unimaginable violence.

"[He] knocked me out through hitting me in the head, cut me with a box knife, after he brutally raped me. I've been held at gunpoint to dig my own shallow grave as he covered me with dirt. "I had been deprived food, locked in closets, locked in basements," said McDonald.

She got off the streets the same violent way. She had enough she said when a customer pulled a gun on her. She told him to pull the trigger. She wasn't afraid anymore. She had nothing left to fear. Everything that could happen to human being, already had.

She couldn't leave the tragedy behind. She got headaches and eye inflammation after she became pregnant. The medicine to help her would have taken the life of her baby. She chose the baby and lost her sight. She learned to live in a blind world. She sees things from the inside out now.

If she can survive, she said, anybody can. She wears her new scar, a tattoo on her right arm "Love heals." She believes it with all her heart.

Christine left the street with a criminal record. She can't get a job or even food stamps. She's a single mother looking for work. She's written a book about her story, called "Cry Purple."

She's also an advocate for the Magdalene House. Its directors are trying to build a house in St. Louis by fall.

You can buy Christine's book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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