ST. LOUIS - Following decades of discussion, four years of construction, and hundreds of millions of dollars in costs, St. Louis has a new architectural icon; a landmark that takes its place just up the river from the world famous Gateway Arch.

The Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge spans the mighty Mississippi River, just north of downtown St. Louis. It's the city's first new bridge built over the river in 50 years.

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The third largest cable-stayed bridge in the country was built with pride and dedicated not only to the brave individuals who proudly wore our nation's military uniform, but also to a St. Louis legend who proudly wore our city's baseball uniform.

Join NewsChannel 5 for an unprecedented behind-the-scenes journey that was more than four years in the making. Meet the men and women responsible for building St. Louis' most recent treasure. From the bottom of the river, to the 400-foot heights of the bridge towers, NewsChannel 5 cameras were there every step along the way.

Don't miss this one-hour story of the dedication, preparation and inspiration behind the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge. 'Landmark of Legends' airs Thursday, March 20 at 8 p.m. on KSDK, NewsChannel 5 and it can be seen on our live stream right here on

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