FESTUS, Mo. (KSDK) - A couple Festus High students are in big trouble with police and their school for allegedly bringing a BB gun onto the campus.

Two students overheard someone in the bathroom telling another student he had a weapon, and the two saw him show the weapon.

Believing it was a real gun, they went to an administrator, who immediately called police.

The student admitted having an air-pellet gun and said he got it from another student. That second student admitted the BB gun was his.

Superintendent Dr. Link Luttrell said there were no pellets in the gun, the students' lockers or backpacks, but the district's policy is clear: bringing any weapon to school is grounds for possible expulsion.

"We do not distinguish whether that weapon is a weapon that's capable of firing live bullets, or a weapon that's like this -- an air pellet BB gun," Luttrell said.

Luttrell said it doesn't appear they had any intentions to hurt anyone, but Festus Police Chief Tim Lewis said the boys who told did the right thing.

"In this day and age, everybody says, 'Don't be a snitch, don't be a rat, don't rat on anybody.' That's how bad things happen. This student had the courage to go to an administrator and say, 'Hey this guy has a gun, I saw it.'"

In a letter that went home with students, the district said it was fortunate the weapon was located immediately and that both students admitted their role, which prevented a lockdown from having to happen.

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