ST. CHARLES, Mo. - A St. Charles County veteran severely injured in Iraq says the country he put his life on the line for is letting him down.

Mike Shuster lost his arm, and he has gone for a year without a working prosthetic. He tries not to let his injury slow him down; with twin 2-year-old sons he doesn't have a choice. But Mike's efforts to get a working prosthetic through the Veterans' Administration have slowed down to a halt.

The injury came in Iraq in 2009 when the Humvee he was driving ran over some IEDs, and when a buddy pulled him out, he was shot two times.

Mike had a few prosthetics during his long recovery at Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland, but when he returned home to Missouri, he lost weight and the prosthetics no longer fit.

For the last year, he and his wife say the VA has given them the run-around, once even backing out of a promise, they say, to pay for prosthetics he needs from a specialized company in Iowa.

Meanwhile, while Mike gets by pretty well. He does struggle, like the time he fell down the stairs while carrying his boys.

"We fell and I went to catch them he slipped and he just racked right down the steps," said Mike.

"It makes you sick to your stomach. I really does because you're just like this person did so much for his country, but yet he's treated like this when gets back when he's out of their system," said his wife, Kim Shuster.

NewsChannel 5's Mike Rush contacted a representative with the VA in St. Louis who said she's sorry for the trouble Mike and his family have gone through trying to get the prosthetic. She says the VA is investigating and they remain committed to making this situation right for Mike Shuster.

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