ST. LOUIS - The family of a Waterloo, Illinois man who died in 2012 after a tent collapsed and killed him in downtown St. Louis has reached a settlement with the Bridgeton company that installed tent.

Alfred Goodman, 58, died after 50-mile per hour winds picked up a large tent outside Kilroy's Sports Bar on Saturday, April 28, 2012, following a Cardinals-Brewers game at Busch Stadium.

Art Randall, the owner of Kilroy's, said at the time everything that was not nailed down was picked up and thrown. Metal pipes, wiring, and other materials rained down on more than 200 people who were under the tent. Approximately 100 people were injured.

Sun Rental, Inc. rented and installed the tent outside Kilroy's on April 27. The city building commission said all tents over 1,000-square feet are required to have a permit, and that Kilroy's had secured a permit earlier that month. The tent had been inspected for safety measures, but the assembly and upkeep of the tent is the responsibility of the contractor who puts said tent together, according to Frank Oswald, Building Commissioner for the City of St. Louis. The tent must also be assembled to the manufacturer's specifications.

Sun Rental agreed to pay $548,000 to Goodman's widow and her three children.

The Goodman family also filed suit against Kilroy's in June 2012, but those claims are still pending.

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