KSDK - Long before St. Louis viewers fell in love with Jennifer Blome, she was the darling of Toledo, Ohio. In the late 1970s, Jennifer did the weather alongside anchorman Randy Price.

Jennifer's time in Toledo ended a long time ago. And on Friday, as Jennifer signed off for the last time at NewsChannel 5, her old colleague wanted to wish her well. You can see the full version of Randy's message to Jennifer in the video player above this story.

Jennifer's stint with Randy Price in Toledo has been immortalized with a video that's gone viral over the years. Actor Paul Lynde stopped their station and did the weather report in Jennifer's place.

Oddly enough, Randy Price was a co-worker for another member of Today in St. Louis. Pat McGonigle's first paying job in television was as an associate producer and writer for Randy Price when he anchored on the Boston morning newscast at WHDH-TV.

Price currently anchors the AM newscast at Boston's WCVB.

Here's a transcript of Randy's video message to Jennifer:

"Jennifer Blome is leaving TV? After all this time and starting a new chapter? Well, first of all, I'm happy for her.

"Even happier for the people who will be with her in her new chapter because they're going to enjoy a wonderful person.

"I'm Randy Price in Boston and I was lucky enough many years ago to be starting my career with Jennifer Blome, the sweetheart of Toledo, Ohio.

"There we were in her hometown, met her family, had a great experience.

"As you know, she is a wonderful person.

"In fact we actually have, and this is many years ago, we have a YouTube moment together, going way back. She'll have to tell you about that later.

"But I'm very happy for Jennifer as she begins her new chapter. I wish her the very best and, much love from the East Coast, Jennifer."

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