ST. ANN, Mo. - More than 160 people are out of their homes after an early morning apartment fire at Santa Ana Apartments in St. Ann.

Many of those people are elderly or disabled, and now a little generosity is making a big difference.

Many of the residents evacuated with only what they could carry in their hands after a small cooking fire started on the 10th floor. Sprinklers handled the flames, but the water flooded every floor below.

Clean up crews will be at the apartment complex for days, and it may be a week before people are allowed back in their homes to sift through what they can salvage. But in the meantime, they're being well cared for.

The St. Louis chapter of the American Red Cross is providing meals and the apartment owners are paying for hotel rooms for their tenants. That was welcomed news for about 50 people who didn't know where they were going to stay.

"Really the priority is you've got a safe place to stay right now. We're going to make sure that if you had glasses or oxygen or if you need medication the red cross, we're going to make sure you do have that," said Cindy Erickson, regional CEO for the American Red Cross.

These types of operations can be taxing on the Red Cross' resources, especially with storm season coming up. So remember, they're always open to donations and volunteers so they can continue doing this type of work, and they encourage everyone to have an emergency bag ready to go at all times. It could make a big difference in a situation like this.

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