CREVE COEUR, Mo. (KSDK) - We have a warning about scammers impersonating law enforcement. A caller claims be from the police department demanding payment of a fine for failure to appear for jury duty.

The family we spoke to all got phone calls on Friday.

They say the man on the phone was very relaxed and professional-sounding on the phone, but threatened to arrest them unless they paid him.

When a man impersonating a police officer called Elaine Bachman.

"I'm really inclined just to let you go ahead and arrest me," she says.

He got a run for his money.

"To pick up an 83-year-old disabled woman and arrest me for not answering a summons that wasn't delivered I said that ought to make the news," she says she told the man on the phone.

Now she's warning the public.

She says a man who went by the name of Lt. Bob Webner with the St. Louis County Police Department called her around 8 p.m. Friday night.

She explains the man told her she missed grand jury duty and there was a warrant out for her arrest. To make it go away, she could purchase a Green Dot card, put $455 on it and then give him the account number.

"I hung up on him, I was tired of the whole thing," she said.

Just hours before she got the call, her son Clay received a call from the same man telling him the same story.

"I promptly proceeded to get an attorney who looked into the matter then found out there was not a warrant out for me," Clay Bachman said.

Then Elaine found out her daughter-in-law also received a call from the impersonator!

"After I found out there were three Bachmans called, I thought they are going down the phone book," she said.

The Bachman's say the whole thing is a little unnerving.

"If someone intended to defraud you, who knows what else may happen," Clay Bachman said.

St. Louis County police say they do not have a Lieutenant Webner.

If you think you may have been a victim of this scam, or received a phone call like this, contact local police.

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