MANILA, Philippines – Three St. Louisans have broken a basketball marathon record they set two years ago.

Jeff Moore, 47; Tony Tatar; and Chuck Williams, 48 were part of the longest game of basketball that wrapped up this weekend in the Manila.

During the marathon hoops session, organizers raised money to build houses for victims of typhoon Haiyan. Players shot hoops non-stop for five days, setting the new record of 120 hours, one minute, and seven seconds.

Most of the players were from the Philippines, and some of them lost their homes in the typhoon.

"There was a lot at stake for these guys. It was going to be an opportunity for them to move from catastrophe to homeless to now being someone the community could be proud of," said Chuck Williams.

They beat the previous record set in downtown St. Louis in 2012 by about eight hours.

Organizers estimated that at least $67,000 had been raised. They also got a medal for their efforts.

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