WENTZVILLE, Mo. – One dog is dead after being attacked by another dog at a St. Charles County dog park.

The attack happened Sunday at the Quail Ridge Park.

NewsChannel 5 was alerted to the story by a viewer, who says she was at the park Sunday with her own dog and watched as the attack happened.

The St. Charles County Parks Department confirms a black Great Dane quickly attacked and killed a Golden Retriever.

The parks department director says the owner of the Great Dane left the park and was not found by park rangers. Now St. Charles Animal Control are looking for the Great Dane and its owner. Park rules say owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries or damage caused by their dogs.

For 11 years Nick Andres and Buddy were there for each other.

"I couldn't help him and he was scared and that's the worst part about it is I didn't want him to think he was by himself, you know," Andres said.

Sunday afternoon Nick, Buddy and the rest of his family were celebrating a dog's birthday at Quail Ridge Park in Wentzville.

Nick says the attack only lasted seconds.

"This black dog was on, had Buddy like around his neck, and his ear," he said.

He tells us he and his father rushed over and started pulling the black Great Dane off Buddy.

"My dad was breathing into his mouth and his nose and I was pushing on his chest to see if I could maybe we could get him to hang on to where maybe we could get him somewhere, he was already gone," Andres said.

When park rangers showed up the Great Dane and it's owner were gone.

Nick says he wants answers, why did the owner bring the dog to a park? Had it been aggressive before?

"To come leash your dog while I am on the ground with mine and just take off and run?" Andres said.

He says he was told Buddy had internal injuries and didn't suffer.

"That's the main thing, everything else is you know, this guy getting caught or his dog getting caught not going to change it, a thing for me," he said.

Park officials say there were about 75 people at the park Sunday when the incident occurred. If you or someone you know were at the dog park, contact St. Charles County Animal Control at 636-949-7387.

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