St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - A Missouri State Representative receives death threats after filing a gun control bill.

The legislation would have made it illegal for someone living in the City of St. Louis to own certain firearms. Representative Joshua Peters has since withdrawn the bill due to the threats and it getting no traction in the House.

He is now focusing on different gun legislation.

The representative says he's received 16 hateful emails after introducing the bill in January, some of them threatening to kill him.

One of the emails:

"Democrats protecting the 2nd amendment? LOL…You will DIE."

Another email:

"Dear Elected Representatives,

Why do so many government officials feel compelled to keep creating legislation that infringes on law-abiding citizens' right to "keep and bear arms?"

Please reconsider your sponsorship of 2129 and kill this bill.

Or we can just kill you. :)

"That's unconscionable for someone to say that," says Sam Craig, President of Second Amendment Coalition of Missouri, Inc. "He loses all credibility when he says something like that."

Peters introduced House bill 2129 earlier this year.

It would have made it illegal for residents to own shotguns, automatic handguns and flamethrowers within city limits of St. Louis.

"I didn't see anything wrong with the bill, I didn't see anything wrong with the bill at all," Peters said.

Since he introduced the legislation, pro-gun activists have called it unconstitutional. Craig says the bill does not protect anyone.

"Does a criminal care that it's illegal for him to own a shotgun?" Craig asks. "Does a a 16 year old criminal care that it's illegal for him to possess a handgun? No he does it anyway."

Craig says Peters has no right to tell citizens which weapons they can own, but he sees what he is trying to do.

"I think he's well intentioned, I think he wants to help the people of his district," Craig said.

"I am not trying to take away the rights of individuals who lawfully supposed to have a gun, or who could carry a gun," said Peters, who explains these threats and the failed bill won't stop him from trying to clean up the city.

As for the people who sent the emails, Representative Peters says he's moving on and does not plan turn the matter over to police.

He says after withdrawing House Bill 2129, he's introduced a more comprehensive bill, House Bill 2221.

It suggests making it a felony to transfer or sell a gun to someone who is not allowed to own a weapon, a felon or a minor.

Read HB 2129 in its entirety here:

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