ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - We are just hours from the start of the Boston Marathon, where last year a bombing claimed the lives of three people and injured more than 200 others.

A local woman is in Boston to finish what she started.

There are dozens of locals running in Monday's marathon, some were able to finish and are going back to run again.

Others are there because they have something to complete.

For thousands of runners who didn't witness the bombs go off, they heard about it in waves coming through the crowds.

"I just couldn't believe it I was like what do you mean we couldn't finish and then I started thinking oh it's just a race and I can run again," says Beverly Ofsthun, a local runner from O'Fallon, Mo.

Here she is, back in Boston, to finally finish the race.

She was at mile 25.8 and making the last turn towards the finish line when everybody just stopped.

"I assumed that someone had fallen or someone was needing medical clearance and it just kind of came back through the crowds that there were bombs at the finish line and I couldn't fathom that," she said.

She turned around and started looking for her husband who was near her on the sidelines.

Ofsthun says at the time she didn't know what to feel.

"Like they were stealing something from me, and then I heard that there were people that died at the finish line and I felt that it wasn't very important that I finish the race," she said.

Her husband is with her again this year to support her and her journey to the end.

"Runners have some unfinished business and we are just glad to be here to do our little part to get over all of this," says Stan Ofsthun.

"Finish what I started last year and celebrate have a celebration," she says.

Ofsthun says the atmosphere in Boston is magical and inspiring and so far they do feel safe running in Monday's marathon.

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