ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Even though the game was in Chicago, Blues fans were out in force Sunday afternoon in downtown St. Louis.

Many of them headed to Ballpark Village to watch the game on the big screen.

It was packed Sunday afternoon, especially with the Cardinals at home with an afternoon game, but the focus at Ballpark Village was the Blues.

The game started with Chicago Blackhawks making the first goal, but the Blues were right behind them.

Nic Haltenhof even had tickets to the Cards game.

"Came to watch first part of Blues game, first part of Cardinals game, then go straight to Cardinals game," Haltenhof said.

As the hockey game went on, Blackhawks took off with the lead, not what the fans wanted to see.

"It's been a big thing for Chicago. Their star players show up and ours don't and we have to rely on our players to score and they just didn't do it today," Jeremy Wulf said.

Blues fans never gave up, on their edge of their seats and hanging on every move.

Two hockey fans we found don't let their teams come between them, one rooting for Chicago the other for St. Louis, both excited to be at Ballpark village.

"It adds just a whole new dimension to what's already a cool stadium in the downtown atmosphere adds to it, amazing," said Theresa Munsell, Blues fan.

The atmosphere was electric and full of energy, unfortunately Blues fans will have to wait until next year to bring home the Cup.

"It was a rough end to the season, but I have faith for the future," Wulf said.

These fans will wait and be proud of their Blues.

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