ST. LOUIS COUNTY - The killing of tens of thousands of dogs and cats in St. Louis County is the latest battle in the county executive race. Councilman Steve Stenger is pointing the finger at his opponent, current County Executive Charlie Dooley.

Dooley doesn't dispute the numbers, but says they are doing nothing inhumane.

Stenger says 50,000 pets have been killed over Dooley's tenure, the last 10 years. He says in some years about 60 percent of the animals that made their way to the shelter were killed. Stenger says to fix it, they need to partner with Humane Society and rescue groups, but Dooley says they do partner with the Humane Society and 90 other rescue groups.

The only reason the county euthanizes animals is for public safety such as illness. Dooley also says there were 171 more pets adopted out last year than the year before.

"It is simply for them, for them it's easier to put the dogs down than it is to seek adoption for these animals," said Stenger.

Stenger says the county should do a better job promoting pets online. Right now, only 11 dogs and six cats are shown on the county's adoption website.

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