ST. LOUIS - A CPA testified at the Francine Katz sex discrimination case against Anhueser-Busch late Wednesday afternoon that she evaluated thousands of internal documents provided by the brewery.

Donna Beck Smith, who has done work for both the Katz team and in the past for the legal team at Anheuser-Busch, told jurors for every dollar the men on the strategy committee made, Francine Katz made just $0.76. She testified that in her opinion, Katz lost out on $9,426,000. If you factor in interest, that number would be $14,418,000.

In her lawsuit, Katz alleges she was paid less than her male predecessor as vice president of corporate communications, and that male counterparts on A-B's top Strategy Committee earned more.

Earlier in the day, former human resources employee Gary Glassman testified compensation reviews were "rigorous" and took six months to complete. He said Katz's review was handled the same way as other members of the Strategy Committee.

Glassman talked about the compensation kick off which took place at the Lake of the Ozarks. When pressed, Mary Ann Sedey, Katz's attorney, pressed Glassman about the lack of actual time scheduled to address compensation. She said, "Are you telling us you were having these discussions while playing golf and riding yachts?"

"Potentially, yes," Glassman said.

Jim Brickey, vice president of people at Anheuser-Busch Co., also testified on Wednesday that Katz's benchmark as public relations was a good match. When Sedey asked if he ever talked about Katz's added responsibilities to Hewitt, a company that has a data base of comparable salaries for most corporate jobs.

Mary Ann Sedey asked: "Did you tell Hewitt it was going to be part of her job testify in front of government body?"

Brickey: "No."

Sedey: "Did you tell Hewitt it was going to be part of her job to meet with top officials of the federal government on alcohol issues."

Brickey: "Not that I recall."

Sedey: "Did you tell Hewitt it was going to be part of her job to meet with Attorney's General on alcohol abuse issues when you described her job."

Brickey: "I don't recall that."

Brickey insisted, everything Katz did was under the umbrella of public relations.

Thursday is a day off for jurors with the Katz team potentially finishing their case by Friday. The defense will take over next week.

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