SUNSET HILLS, Mo. (KSDK) - After intense opposition from the people of Sunset Hills, Quik Trip has pulled its plan to build on Gravois, near I-270.

The opposition was so intense to the Quik Trip that voters elected a write-in candidate for mayor to stop it.

The QT was supposed to go before the planning and zoning commission next week, but the proposed plans to build have been postponed indefinitely.

It was supposed to go up where a well-used commuter lot currently sits on Gravois.

Freshly sworn-in Mayor Mark Furrer tells me he had a meeting with reps from Quik Trip and the Sansone Group Friday to discuss the proposed plans, and the opposition from the people.

He says shortly after that meeting, they told him they were withdrawing their petition indefinitely. They made it official with an email Tuesday.

Furrer says this was a victory for the people.

"It happened faster than we thought it might. So overall I'd say it was a job well done by the people," Mayor Furrer said. "And a good response by Quik Trip and Sansone. They're in business to serve people. And they certainly don't want to alienate 6,600 people in Sunset Hills."

Mayor Furrer tells us the door is wide open for Quik Trip to build in Sunset Hills, but in a different location.

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