ST. LOUIS – On Tuesday NewsChannel 5's Tracy Clemons brought us a story about Claire Gruenke, who helped her twin sister Chloe finish a track meet after collapsing on the track.

The story reminded us of the stories honored each year at the Musial Awards right here in St. Louis, which honors great acts of sportsmanship each year.

Here are some of the best stories of sportsmanship we've ever aired:

Runner wins by finishing last: This story is similar to the story about the Gruenkes. Meaghan Vogel, the new state champion in the 1600 meter race, started to fall behind in the 3200 meter race a short time later. She then noticed one of her opponents, Arden McMath, collapsed. What Meaghan did next earned her national recognition.

Teen passes ball to opponent so he can make a basket: Ethan McConnell of Mapleton, Ore. was celebrated with a Musial Award after passing the basketball to Davan Overton, who has Dandy-Walker variant. Davan's teammates kept passing him the ball, but he had trouble making a basket. That's when Ethan stepped in.

Local teacher turns playing field into classroom: John Mohrmann, a soccer coach at Priory School had a 27-0 season, but in the district playoffs he decided to risk a state title to teach his players honor.

The Gruenkes are eligible for a Musial Award, but they need to be nominated. Nominations can be submitted through

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