ST. LOUIS - As the gay community celebrates Michael Sam, there are others who don't agree with his lifestyle. They've told us they're afraid they'll get singled out for their beliefs. The emotional reaction of Michael Sam once he found out he was drafted by the Rams was described as an iconic moment by many, but there were others who didn't approve of it or his lifestyle in general.

When we asked them about it, they declined to go on camera or told us that we wouldn't want to hear what they wanted to say.

Licensed psychologist Chad Keller says it's a sign of the times. He says a lot of people would be uncomfortable revealing those feelings in public.

"Part of it reflects that society is more comfortable understanding issues sexuality," said Keller.

Keller says a certain type of religious background or what many consider a traditional family upbringing might cause some to be uncomfortable with homosexuality.

He encourages some people to perhaps discuss the issue with other members of their church to see how they're dealing with societal differences compared to what they have been taught.

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