ST. LOUIS - Dow Boyer admits she stole money from her employer, but only to pay her husband's medical bills. She remains locked up, waiting for Homeland Security to deport her and put her on a plane to Thailand.

Boyer talked to us Tuesday afternoon by phone, Homeland Security would not let us interview her in person. She sounded hopeful, but also realistic that she could be deported any second. She worries about being dropped in the middle of a country, where she knows no one and can't speak the language, but she worries more about her 5-year-old daughter.

"I can't be there for her, I am her mother, I should be there for her, I let her down, I let my family down," she said.

Boyer is behind bars, about to be deported to Thailand, where she was born. Last year she was convicted of felony stealing, taking money for her family after her husband, a mechanic at the time, was injured when a car fell on his legs.

Boyer admitted she stole from her employer.

"I've hurt her, I've hurt her and she still wants to fight for me," she said.

Her employer has since said she would drop everything if it meant Boyer could stay in the states. She is being deported because she's not a US citizen, instead a legal permanent resident and she got in trouble with the law.

"I lived my whole life as a citizen pay taxes, I worked I had no idea," said Boyer.

Javad Khazaeli just started representing Boyer and is trying to reopen that criminal case.

"Once she took that guilty plea she was guaranteed almost that she would be deported and had she known that there's no way she would have taken that," said Khazaeli.

Boyer says at any time she could be deported, but she talks to her family every day. She remembers what she told her soldier son who, last week was deployed overseas.

"Be careful when you go there because I don't know when I'm going to see you," she said.

Boyer's attorney says Gov. Nixon could pardon the deportation. NewsChannel 5 reached out to his office and haven't heard back. We also contacted Missouri's senators.

A spokesperson for Claire McCaskill issued this statement:

"McCaskill's office is aware of and engaged on the issue."

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