ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Police are looking into exactly what caused a young couple to fall from a building on Washington Avenue. The fall killed the young man and seriously injured his girlfriend. Police are investigating the case as a suspicious death, but are not expanding upon why they believe it may be suspicious.

Investigators say the couple lived together in the Vangard Lofts, which are at the corner of 11th and Washington. Early this morning, they had both reportedly climbed onto the neighboring roof, which police say isn't uncommon for residents in the building. It's also something the young woman told investigators her boyfriend had done before. But this time, something went horribly wrong, leaving 24-year-old Erik Doyle dead.

Doyle had been working at Rehab bar and grill in the Grove, and was extremely well liked there.

"You can't say a bad thing about him," said Angela Basta, who was his manager and friend. "He loved every person that walked in here, he greeted everybody with a smile and a hug."

"[He was] somebody that just is loved by everybody. I think a lot of us are still in shock, still trying to process," said Rehab Co-owner, Jim Weckmann.

Police are also still trying to process how Doyle fell from the rooftop shortly before 6 a.m. Wednesday. His live-in girlfriend told police she remembers him losing his balance before she started screaming, which prompted several calls to 911.

"I've never heard anyone scream like that in my life. And it's early in the morning, you don't hear anything. And she was just… it shook me," said Christina Hill.

At some point, Doyle's 24-year-old girlfriend also fell, but she told officers she doesn't remember how it happened. She suffered two broken legs and a broken hip.

"She was screaming 'help' and 'please help,' said Latifah Mahasin, who heard the screaming through her closed windows.

Help did come quickly, but it was still too late for Doyle. Now, his loss is spreading shock and grief through those who knew him.

"He loved life, he loved people," said Basta.

Doyle's friends say he was at the Rehab bar the night before the fall, and seemed to be his normal, happy self.

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