WILDWOOD, Mo. - It's a staggering number. General Motors has recalled, on average, nearly one million cars per week since mid-February. Everything from faulty seat belts and airbags to a deadly ignition switch problem.

The massive recall means customers are forced to wait to have their problems addressed.

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Gene Anselmo was driving his 2006 Chevy Cobalt down a steep road in Wildwood when his car suddenly stopped. It happened to him twice. Luckily both times he was able to stop the car, but he says, with the power steering disabled, he feared he would veer into a ditch.

That was last fall and now as we approach summer, his dealership still has not been able replace his faulty ignition switch. It's a widespread problem.

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General Motors can't supply the replacement parts fast enough for the massive recall. That means Anselmo and others have to separate their car key from any key chain and fob. It's a temporary fix, GM says, while customers wait for the repair.

Anselmo says he called his dealership about a week ago. They told him the parts were still not in, but expected any day and he would be put on a list.

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"There's been a few people that have died as a cause of this and I would have thought that they would have had this handled a little better so that parts would be in place for people like myself to get this fixed as soon as possible," said Anselmo.

5 on Your Side's Mike Rush called around to local GM dealerships. One told him they just got a dozen parts, but they have a list of 90 customers.

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Another told him the parts are coming in but there's about a six to seven week waiting period from when they're ordered.

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