WELLSTON, Mo. (KSDK) - She has been impeached, taken to court, and now she could be arrested. But some think the Wellston mayor is still acting like she is in charge, going so far as to withhold paychecks from her political enemies.

Now the clock is ticking for the mayor to turn over paychecks she allegedly confiscated on Friday and if she doesn't, police say they'll charge her with stealing.

To those looking in from the outside Friday may seem like just another day of drama in Wellston.

"Extremely unprofessional. And not even rational," says Wellston Police Chief G. Thomas Walker, who insists former mayor Linda Whitfield is doing damage to a department trying to clean up this once proud St. Louis County town.

"We have to draw the line someplace," says Walker. "Moral is going down. All I heard all day long is, 'Are we getting paid? Are we getting paid?'"

Last month, the city council impeached Whitfield for allegedly mismanaging public money. She was reelected and continued to serve despite an ordinance that said she couldn't. Council members took her to court and a judge ordered her out of office.

But Friday, the police chief says Whitfield came to city hall, cornered the book keeper, and left the paychecks for city employees saying she needed to sign them.

He says she never did, and when she returned the checks late in the day several were missing, including the chief's, the city attorney's and the council members.

"Sounds like a vendetta and we've nothing wrong or contrary to state statutes or city ordinances," says Walker.

"I want to see her back away from the city. Abide by the court order. Let us try to move forward…we want to move the city forward and we can't do it if we're constantly interfered with."

Whitfield lives directly across the street from the police department and people in the neighborhood told NewsChannel 5 they believed she was home Friday evening but no one answered the door.

Chief Walker says she has until Monday to hand over the allegedly missing paychecks or he will ask St. Louis County Police to arrest Whitfield on stealing charges.

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