BELLEVILLE, Ill. - Police say he snapped pictures at a popular park and inside a car. Hundreds of pornographic photos of children.

Joseph Suggs is now behind bars, but police say their investigation is far from over.

Suggs was a manager at a Belleville McDonald's, but his younger sister says he was homeless, moving around from place to place. She says the family is shocked, and so is the community.

Carefree times with his kids at Bellevue Park come after careful homework for Jason Harrington.

"Within a good mile of here there's at least 15 registered sex offenders," said Harrington.

Harrington makes good use of a sex offender locator app. "These kind of people are out here. You just can't be too safe."

Suggs, 39, wasn't on a sex offender list but police say he was nonetheless a predator in the park. Police say earlier this month Suggs approached two boys, 13 and 16 there.

"He offered the juveniles money in order to obtain their photographs for a magazine," said an investigator with Belleville police.

Investigators say he brought the boys to a vacant house nearby. A neighbor noticed and called police who found Suggs with a camera, interviewed the boys, and got a court order to look at his camera's memory cards. Police say they found hundreds of pornographic images of the two boys.

This won't keep Harrington from horsing around with his kids, but it does remind him to stay vigilant.

"You have to expect the worst because, I mean, you know, your kids' lives are at stake," he said.

Investigators searched the sister's house where she says he stored some stuff. They confiscated computers and other equipment and are in the process of searching those items. They say more charges could come.

Suggs remains in custody on $200,000 bond.

Anyone with information regarding other possible victims should call Belleville police at 618-234-1212.

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