ST. LOUIS, Missouri (KSDK) - It's that time of year when pools are packed and kids are keeping cool in the water, but it's the dangers that are lurking in those seemingly innocent coughs from water that could land your child in the hospital.

Dry drowning is when water is inhaled either due to a "near drowning incident or a sudden rush of water."

The situation is similar to what might happen when jumping from a high spot into water or perhaps coming off a water slide. The entire ordeal might last no longer than 20 seconds, but the damage left can be life threatening. It's a small risk but also a potentially deadly condition that doctors said moms and dads need to know how to spot.

Here is what to look for within 24 hours after the incident: Persistent coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, lethargy, fever and unusual mood change are just a few.

If the swelling is caught early, doctors can administer oxygen and try to remove the fluid from the lungs using diuretics and positive air pressure. If not treated, complications will develop and will progress to pulmonary edema, hypoxia/anoxia, respiratory and cardiac arrest or even death.

The American Red Cross recently launched a national campaign to reduce the drowning rate in 50 U.S. cities by 50 percent throughout the next three to five years. Check with your local pool for certified swimming instructors and classes.

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