FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) - A mother and son have been found safe after getting lost in the woods in Meramec State Park in Franklin County Wednesday night.

NewsChannel 5 was there when the mother and 8-year-old son were rescued. In this video, you can see the mom wrapped in a white blanket and the son in a green shirt. The video was taken after crews rescued them by boat, which first responders tell us, was the best way to bring them back.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department tells us after 7 p.m., the husband, wife and son went hiking but got lost in the woods. The husband went to go search for cell service and got separated from them. Rescuers found him first and later found the woman and child.

Dave Pendegreft, family member, said, "Pretty excited, pretty happy. Not people who normally go out into the woods. Especially scary for me, knowing they didn't know what to do, they were totally lost."

The search lasted about four and a half hours. It included a helicopter and boat search. Family members tell us the mother and son are doing OK. They say the mom was shaking and tired. The son was excited about the rescue boat ride.

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