ST. LOUIS - People packed the Tivoli theater Sunday afternoon to watch a movie that tries to make sense of a senseless tragedy.

Elegy to Connie began as a tribute to the late Connie Karr, who died in the 2008 Kirkwood City Hall shootings. The mayoral candidate was one of five people shot and killed by Cookie Thornton.

Karr was a family friend of filmmaker Sarah Paulsen, who grew up in Kirkwood and her mother knew both Karr and Thornton. Paulsen says mass shootings happen far too often and she's worried people are becoming desensitized.

"I think a lot of times when we hear about shootings we make them into a tiny little capsule about what it was. I feel like being able to tell this story and all the little complexities. I think there has to be a lot of little lessons inside of it," said Paulsen. "It has to touch on gun violence because everyone thinks it happens somewhere else,"

Paulsen tells the story through stop-motion animation.

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