LAKE SAINT LOUIS, Mo. – It resembles an overbaked collection of droopy goods on some sort of warped car lot.

It's what's left of a burned down carport and the 13 cars that were parked underneath it at the Cedar Lakes Apartments in Lake St. Louis.

The fire broke out at around three Monday morning.

Lee Nunn lost more than just his Ford Fusion.

"I did have a couple of suits," said Nunn. "I had my wallet, driver's license, social security card."

Nunn and others experienced unique wake up calls.

"I was awakened by the sound of car alarms going off."

Matt Nguyen, who lives across the street from the complex said, "I thought there were gunshots at first…ended up being all the tires exploding."

"I woke up smelling smoke. Like wood burning or something," Nancy Heuer said.

Someone in the complex shot video of the flames so high, the heat so intense at least 37 cars are impacted. Nunn says the blinds on his bedroom window melted.

"It was just engulfed. It was just huge flames," said Heuer.

The scene they left lent itself to a lot of pointing and clicking and speculation. Accident? Act of God? Arson?

"At 2:30 in the morning, that's kind of strange," said Heuer.

Dan Berg, whose Ford Explorer was destroyed, said, "It's not even worth repeating, everybody's heard them and I don't want to spread the gossip."

Lake St. Louis Police say while they are not ruling out anything, there is no evidence at this point leading them to believe this was arson.

None of the apartment buildings caught fire and nobody was injured.

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