ST. LOUIS COUNTY - An unnaturally high radiation spike at Pattonville High School is raising some eyebrows.

The school sits just two miles from the radioactive West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton. Last month, the district hired SCI Engineering Inc. to test the soil at its athletic complex. The results say the complex is safe even though the level of the radioactive Thorium-230 at the baseball field was four times higher than naturally occurring levels.

Some parents are worried about their student athletes.

"You're being exposed to it. So, playing sports up there for four years, how much exposure will you get?" said concerned parent Kirbi Pemberton.

Experts say it's not that bad.

"I would say it's a slight concern. I'd be more concerned if I saw higher levels. I wouldn't hesitate to have my son go to Pattonville," said health Physicist David Kershman.

The radiation level would have to be even higher before any federal agency would get involved.

District Superintendent Dr. Mike Fulton says the district plans to test once more just to cross check the results.

Click here to see the letter from the Pattonville School district.

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