FERGUSON, Mo. - Four days of memorials are piling up on Caddiefield Road.

Mike Brown's memory is still fresh, but so much else has changed.

"It's become a police state, our lives have changed profoundly," said Miranda Jones, a service provider who is trying to deliver doctors, counselors and other first responders into the neighborhood. "We have some people that are mad and grief stricken, we have mothers who don't know how to explain this to their families," said Jones. She lives in the neighborhood too.

"We don't have the same ability to move about, you feel trapped and helpless. I called Target and I said 'are you open'? They said we're closed. I said what are your hours? They said we close when the police tell us to close. There is no way to get prescriptions from Walgreens. They had a sign on the door saying closed until further notice. You don't go out at night anymore, no Walgreens runs, no QuikTrip slushies. My kids love slushies," said Jones.

The Mayor of Ferguson said the city is not under a curfew, but it feels like that to people who live in the area where Mike Brown was killed.

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