Deidre Sealey has been a teacher for more than three decades.

There are certain students she said, you always remember. Mike Brown was one of those students.

Sealey said, "Michael is always on your mind. He was a little larger than the other kids but there was nothing threatening about him….he was quiet, funny and kind."

When she saw him in June, after his high school graduation she said he was excited about going to college. She said his parents were both active in his life and doted on him.

"They were good parents, they were young parents, they were caring parents; they showed up at everything. She was a big cheerleader and Michael's father was just right there," she said.

Michael Brown she says, watched out for everyone.

She only wishes, everyone, would have had the chance to see the man he could have become.

Sealey said, "To see him stretched out in the street it was devastating. It was absolutely devastating. He's still a child and he never got the opportunity to be the person he wanted to be. The world never got to see the grown up Michael. They only got to see the child Michael and I know he would have been a great man."

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