CLAYTON - Part of the protests in Ferguson moved to Clayton Wednesday where protesters took a list of demands to Bob McCulloch's office at the Justice Center. The protesters eventually made their way back to Ferguson.

It was a small, peaceful group but their presence was enough to cause some businesses to close early in downtown Clayton.

By around 7:30 p.m. close to 100 people had gathered outside the justice center.

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They call themselves the Coalition for Faith on the Move, an interfaith group calling for: an expedited grand jury process, an indictment of Officer Darren Wilson and for County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch to take himself off the case.

There was a fairly heavy police presence, but they were largely out of site. Most stayed inside the Justice Center.
The group says they had people from all over the region and even the country in Clayton united by a common cause.

A few of the protesters complained that the city made it hard on them to get to the protest with parking restrictions, but things played out peacefully. NewsChannel 5 saw a captain with Clayton Police giving one protester a ride to the protest.

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