ST. LOUIS – Gov. Jay Nixon joined NewsChannel 5 live on First @ 4 Thursday afternoon and said he has no plans to remove St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch from the Michael Brown case.

"You have to trust those democratically elected processes in place," said Nixon. "So no, I won't be making that move. I think its best, you know, you've got dual investigations and prosecutions going on at the same time, federal and state. There's a great deal of attention on all this sort of stuff, I think each of us that have significant and separate responsibilities, and should continue to get to the task of accomplishing those as efficiently, effectively, fairly as possible, that will lead to justice."

Protesters have been calling for Nixon to remove McCulloch and appoint a special prosecutor.

On Thursday, the Michael Brown Coalition gathered in Clayton and presented more than 70,000 signatures to McCulloch's office, asking for his removal from the investigation.

Watch the video player above to hear what Nixon had to say.

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