JEFFERSON CITY -Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is asking for a Joint Legislative Committee to review what happened in Ferguson and evaluate communication, the use of deadly force and the state's open records laws.

In the letter addressed to State Sen. Tom Dempsey and Rep. Tim Jones, Kinder asks for a a bipartisan committee that will try to remedy the problems that led to the Ferguson crisis and map a clear plan for the future. The letter also claims the state's history is "littered with examples of unrest similar to Ferguson requiring years or decades to recover, if at all."

The letter asks for a review of the law enforcement's use of deadly force claiming that the more information that is released results in more questions of the validity of deadly force.

Kinder wants the committee to look at the breakdown in communication from the local, state and federal law enforcement agencies that responded to Ferguson. He states the poor communication contributed to the anger in Ferguson.

The letter also asks for the committee to consider changing the state's open record's laws to "ensure total transparency for the media and public for this and subsequent cases."

Finally, the letter says the committee should work to repair the public trust lost and provide resources to educate the area's youth.

"I, like you, want Ferguson to bounce back vigorously, and the community cannot do that by maintaining the status quo."

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