FERGUSON- Red's BBQ is sending the message it will bounce back after falling victim to vandals.

The establishment served food for the first time Wednesday since it was set on fire the day after Mike Brown was killed.

Written on the front door in bold letters: We will be back!

While it's not open for regular business the restaurant still plans to serve the community

Several customers raved about the food.

It's the type of place where people who live nearby come in several times a week including natives like Captain Ron Johnson.

Michael Brown was shot by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson on August 9. Employees said Brown frequented Red's.

Some of the employees were marching in Brown's name the weekend he was killed. They were not a part of the crowd that broke out all the windows of the restaurant and set it on fire.

The sprinkler system saved the restaurant but when tear gas was fired Monday people broke through the boarded up windows again.

Both break-ins left the restaurant unable to open for business so Wednesday it brought barbecue outside.

Managers said they will rebuild in Ferguson and hope it will be better

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