FENTON, Mo – The bodies of two men and a woman were discovered in a home Thursday afternoon in Fenton, Missouri.

Police said, the two male victims are 64 and 41-years-old and the third victim is a 55-year-old female.

"There's a good possibility that they may have been deceased for at least a full day if not two days or longer," says Jefferson county Sheriff Glenn Boyer.

Sheriff Boyer says when they arrived the home was full of carbon monoxide and evidence points to a vehicle left running inside the attached garage.

"The keys were found in the ignition with the ignition on, we don't know how long the vehicle had been running," he says.

Police found the bodies of a 64 year old male and 55 year old female and who is believed to be their son, a 41 year old male.

"All three individuals were found lying in what we would consider their beds although one individual was found in a recliner, but they did have a blanket covering them," he says.

"It's kind of frightening, you never really know what's going to happen," says a neighbor Eric Kreutz.

Neighbors say they know of the family, but not personally.

"I never really talked to them, but they seemed like nice people and always waved and kind of small talk," says Kreutz.

Police say there is no indication of forced entry or foul play.

"I was more scared when I saw the crime scene tape and all that, but knowing what I know now that it was an accident it's not as scary, just sad," says another neighbor Deb Murphey,

The sheriff says the 41 year old male recently had some type of surgery and a home health care worker stopped by Wednesday afternoon and Thursday and no one answered the door.

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