IMPERIAL, Mo. (KSDK) - A young couple's dream of a new backyard for their kids to play in comes crashing down, and they're at odds with the man they say is responsible.

They called 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush to help pick up the pieces.

Carpenter Mike Kemper and his wife, Katie, have spent a lot of time and money making their Imperial home just right for their family.

As for the outside, that's a different story. A big mess is what's left of the Kemper's $8,500 retaining wall. Finished last November, Katie says it lasted less than one month.

"I woke up and came downstairs and looked out my back window and noticed that it had fell," she said.

And yes, there are hard feelings.

"I just think he's worthless, is what it comes down to," said Mike.

Mike is talking about the architect of the mess, Ron Eguia, owner of the O'Fallon, Mo.-based company "The Concrete Guys." The Kempers say Ron wasn't in a hurry to make things right. They claim he didn't return calls and stalled for almost one year.

"We weren't getting any answers from him," said Katie.

On the phone, Eguia was, well, kind of like his wall, all over the place. At one point, he told 5 on Your Side he was out of town for three months and couldn't fix this wall. That turned out not to be true. Then he said he was going to fix the wall himself. Another time he said he was going to hire somebody else to fix it, and when 5 on Your Side asked for an on camera interview, he said he would only do it if we paid him. We don't do that, so we decided to find Ron on our own time, and for free.

5 on Your Side caught up with Ron outside of a Quik-Trip.

Rush: "What can you tell us about the Kemper case?"

Eguia: "It's already done."

Rush: "Why is it that you won't meet with me and talk about it?"

Eguia: "There's nothing to say to you. I don't discuss my problems with my –"

Rush: "Yeah, but the thing broke after just a month. Is your work shoddy?"

Eguia: "I said I would fix it."

Rush: "Yeah, but you told me you were out of town too, so what's the deal?"

The door then slammed.

A little later, Eguia approached 5 on Your Side.

Eguia: "It's not my fault, it's their fault."

Rush: "How's it their fault?"

"Because they're the ones that told me not to come on their property. All right, and that's it."

Rush: "Well, that's not what they say."

Eguia: "Well, they've told you everything, you're not listening to the right story."

Whatever the story, Ron Equia, "The Concrete Guy" hired someone else to redo the faulty wall he built.

"As soon as you guys came along, it seemed like he jumped on the ball and he didn't want to be exposed like this I don't think," said Mike.

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