Farmington, MO (KSDK) - Heavy snow and supposedly shoddy construction work are bringing down the roof of an animal shelter. As the snow melts the problems mount for the non-profit Farmington Pet Adoption Center.

Snow melt is draining right through the shelter's roof. It was replaced just 18 months ago and the shelter's president says the contractor used the wrong materials on the $28,000 project, including decorative nails instead of roofing nails.

He says the contractor refuses to repair the roof. And there is concern that the problem will grow – leaving hundreds of animals without a home.

"Our hope is that our community will stand behind us and help us out," shelter president Jason York said.

The shelter is trying to sue the contractor and does not want to name the company publicly until the litigation is settled. But the staff says even that likely won't get their roof replaced in time.