Two sisters found what they think may be long-lost wedding photos, belonging to brides who were jilted by their wedding photographer.

Twins Rebecca and Renee Kotva's father is the landlord of the building that houses Absolute Photography, owned by Erin Ford. He had to evict the wedding photographer for not paying her rent.

Afterward, the shop's contents sat in storage, until recently, when they discovered what could be hundreds of broken promises.

"It's irreplaceable," Rebecca said. "I'm glad that we found them and we can get them to their rightful owner."

The Better Business Bureau started receiving complaints in 2007 about Absolute Photography after numerous brides reported that they had paid for wedding and engagement photos – but never received them.

"I had the dream wedding," Jessica Catanzaro told NewsChannel 5 in Nov. 2011. "Pretty much anything I could ask for…"

The one thing she didn't get four years ago – and still didn't have when we did the report – were photos that preserved the special day.

"There's pictures of the wedding party walking into the reception, and that's really about it," she said.

Ford has since agreed to never operate a photography company in the state of Missouri.

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