ST. LOUIS - A north St. Louis woman contacted 5 on Your Side for help after she fell through the floor of her apartment, leading to her eviction from her home.

Chaqueta Brimage was trapped in the hole for 20 minutes Saturday evening before St. Louis firefighters cut away the floorboards and freed her.

"Scary. It was really scary," Brimage said.

Brimage was treated at a nearby hospital for scrapes and bruises. On Sunday, her knee and ankle were swollen and wrapped in bandages.

Brimage and girlfriend Tamika Jackson said the whole thing could have been avoided if their property manager stepped in.

"We've been complaining about things in here for months," Jackson said.

Brimage, pointing to the ceiling, added, "There's cracks that go along the ceiling of the room."

She said those cracks allowed water to pour through the ceiling and rot the floorboards below. Mold could be seen growing in the ceiling above the rotted floor.

"And we ain't got no response from her," Jackson said.

This month the women didn't pay their rent because they said the problems haven't been fixed. Now they've been served a notice to vacate the apartment by mid-July.

But Jackson and Brimage want their $475 deposit returned first.

A spokeswoman for S&S Property Management and Maintenance told 5 on Your Side she has always taken care of problems that were reported. She said the mold problem was only brought to her attention on Saturday.

"I have an occupancy permit for that unit from the city," said the manager. "We had it inspected. I would never move anyone in anything that is not adequate."

The manager said the floor was fine when the women moved in and it must have been damaged by snow and rain over the last few months. However, she has no plans to return the deposit.

Under Missouri law, a landlord can keep a security deposit for unpaid rent. The landlord is responsible for repairs caused by weather and normal wear and tear.

You can learn more about the state's landlord-tenant law at the Missouri Attorney General's website.

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