HAZELWOOD, Mo. - A Hazelwood man forced out of his condemned condo for almost three months is taking his condo association to court.

When 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush visited the Morningside Condos in mid-April, the City of Hazelwood had just condemned one side of the condo building Richard Fish lives in, including his condo. The sign is still on the door and Fish's bathroom is still a mess left from a water leak upstairs.

"It's been a very uncontrollable inconvenience," said Fish.

To try to get back some of that control, Richard Fish Monday filed a small claims lawsuit against Avivi and Sue Heiman, owners of the Carmel Group.

"They can't put the blame on anybody else," he said.

Rush spoke with Sue Heiman by phone. She predicts the lawsuit will be thrown out, claiming the leak that caused this damage to Fish's bathroom came from a condo her step-son owns next door to hers. The step-son denies it.

"I don't care whose fault it was," said Fish. "It was her workers who tore out my bathroom and made it unfit for me to live here."

Fish wants his condo fees waived until he's back in his home. Since April, the condo owner, who has medical issues, has been staying at friends' homes in St. Charles.

"I have to be near a bathroom. I have four boxes of medical supplies and I can't be hauling that all over the country trying to find a place to sleep at night," he said.

The City of Hazelwood issued the permits to begin repairs at the end of last month. A worker has begun repairs on the condo above Fish's and tells Mike Rush he hopes to have Fish back in his home by next week.

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