JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. - An unsightly mess in Jefferson County. Neighbors say they are fed up with a property that's grown into a forest.

It was once the sight of a really nice house on El Jer Drive in Cedar Hill, neighbors say. But not anymore. It's an eyesore they say they're stuck with.

"The area off to my right, it was a split level home," said neighbor Justin Larsen. He remembers the setup. "And off to the right was a big walk-out out through here and a big swimming pool."

He remembers even though there are tons of trees, vines and junk to obscure the memory. According to the county, the couple who once lived here left and owed taxes. Years ago the house was condemned and torn down.

Then last year, "the county took over and they have neglected it and it's left us kind of holding the bag," said Larsen.

And all that comes with it.

"You have kids coming over here probably doing things that we won't discuss on television," said Larsen. "Police have been out here because of possible drug activity."

Another neighbor, Stanley Shryock, said, "I don't think you have to cut all the trees or anything like that. I mean just clean it up and make it look pretty nice for the neighborhood."

Colleen Vezeau lives next door to the one and a half acres.

"I just want to find out who is reliable to get this cleaned up and keep it maintained," she said.

A spokesman for Jefferson County tells 5 on Your Side that while a trustee for the county is holding the property in hopes it will be sold, the county doesn't technically own it and is not responsible for maintaining it. It's also a hard sell, there are $27,000 in back taxes and fees.

5 on Your Side's Mike Rush spoke with the county councilman who represents this area. He says he'll talk to the neighbors to see if anyone is interested in buying it. He's also going to investigate the possibility of lowering the asking price.

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