ST. LOUIS - Tenants in an apartment complex on Delmar Boulevard spent most of the last 48 hours without water after thieves stole copper pipes from the building. The tenants called 5 on Your Side Monday morning to get answers.

Investigators with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said witnesses reported three thieves carrying eight feet of copper water pipe from Harlan Court Apartments on Saturday night. The suspects cut the piping from the ceiling, and fled in an older model red Chevy truck.

Water flooded the basement, tenants said.

While the copper theft is what brought NewsChannel 5 to the apartment building, tenants began complaining about the awful living conditions. They were too scared to go on camera with us, but Tanya Bryant, a small business owner who has clients in the building, told us what she's seeing and hearing.

"I've heard residents saying there's feces coming out of their bathrooms when they flush the toilet," she said.

Bryant said a client of hers has mold under his sink and bathroom, the trash is overflowing throughout the building, and the elevators are not operating.

"Some (tenants) are handicapped, some are wheelchair-bound. How are they going to get upstairs if the elevator is not working?" she said.

Bryant runs a home healthcare on the first floor of Harlan Court Apartments. She moved in less than a year ago. Bryant said she's had water damage in her business that has never been fixed, desperate her requests.

"I haven't used the restroom because the ceiling fell in from water damage from upstairs," she said. "I would go upstairs and use the restroom."

The apartment manager initially refused to talk to NewsChannel 5 news crews, only speaking with reporter Farrah Fazal to tell her to leave the property.

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