ST. LOUIS - You've driven past it, maybe attended a wedding reception or a party there. Sheraton St. Louis City Center definitely catches your attention, and it's what Laura and Pete Taylor asked Heidi Glaus about for this week's Hey Heidi.

The Taylors want to know how long it took to paint that mural, and here's what Heidi found out.

It's hard to miss whether you're standing next to it, or several hundred yards away, but back in 1928 when this building was built as a distribution center for JC Penney, it just blended in.

"Then, in 1967, it became a distribution for the Edison Brothers which was a local shoe company here in St. Louis," said Nancy Peel, general manager of Sheraton St. Louis City Center Hotel & Suites.

That change would eventually lead to the building becoming one of our city's most striking structures.

"Well, in 1983 the Edison Brothers commissioned Richard Haas who was a famous New York artist," said Peel.

Haas has done countless colossal pieces across the country.

"He used a technique that is called trick of the eye which creates this illusion of a 3D surface," said Peel.

But this is still his largest work of art. A mural that spreads across three acres of brick.

"Richard Haas felt that the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair was really the pinnacle of architecture for the City of St. Louis," said Peel.

Which is why in this piece he pays homage to some of the statues built for the World's Fair. Look closer and you'll find other hidden treasures.

"You've got all these somewhat serious symbols of the city and then you just see a high heel shoe, it's fantastic I love it," said Peel.

It was a project that started with several drawings in his studio in 1983, something Hass and his team spent about six months on and once the scaffolding went up. It took another five-and-a-half months and at least 12 people to complete, making Sheraton St. Louis City Center more than a beautiful place to stay, it's a legendary work of art.

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